Welcome to the website of ARM–Avila Risk Management, the boutique consulting firm characterized by its unwavering commitment to the satisfaction of its clients.

We are an independent consulting firm based in Calgary, Canada; which provides solutions in the areas of Security Management, Threat - Risk Assessment and Mitigation, and Security Awareness. We have both Canadian and international experience.

Our goal is to heighten the security of our clients and prevent or minimize their losses; to that end, we assess their threats, identify their vulnerabilities, estimate their risk, and propose solutions to correct their vulnerabilities, minimize their risks, and increase their level of awareness.

We treat every single project on an individual basis, and our highly qualified experts produce solutions that are tailored, specific, thorough, forward-looking, cost-effective, and above all realistic and feasible.

We have served a wide variety of clients of different sizes operating in many sectors; but we specialize in the energy sector.

If your organization is looking for an independent security consulting firm with:

●  broad expertise

  demonstrated knowledge

  the highest motivation towards excellence

  the delivery of solutions characterized for their thoroughness and top quality

●  and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction

Then you should contact us.

  PO Box 74091, RPO Strathcona
  Calgary, AB T3H 3B6

  T: +1 (403) 457-4225
  F: +1 (403) 452-4627

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