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Our Organization

ARM-Avila Risk Management is and independent consulting firm providing solutions in the areas of Security Management, Threat - Risk Assessment and Mitigation, and Security Awareness. ARM was incorporated in the province of Alberta in 2008, but its predecessor company had been operating abroad since 1998. We are based in Calgary, Canada.
Our founder, executive director, and principal consultant, Mr. Manuel Avila, BSc CPP, is a seasoned and highly qualified security professional whose profile can be seen here:
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Our Mission

To provide our clients with tailored, specific, thorough, forward-looking, cost-effective, and above all realistic and feasible solutions; so that they can heighten their security and therefore safeguard themselves, their personnel, and the environment; and at the same time protect their assets (tangible or intangible) preventing or mitigating losses.

Our Vision

We envision ARM as the leader in customer preference in Canada with regard to Security and Risk Management consulting services.
To this end, we are committed to rendering all our services with the highest level of professionalism and specificity, backed by our broad knowledge and demonstrated expertise; everything in line with our core values.

Our Values and Core Principles

 ●  Integrity

 ●  Independence

 ●  Confidentiality

 ●  Responsibility

 ●  Professionalism

 ●  Knowledge and expertise

 ●  Thoroughness

 ●  A devotion for service and deep respect for our clients

 ●  The highest attention to clientís satisfaction

 ●  The highest attention to our clientís economy without sacrificing quality



PO Box 74091, RPO Strathcona
  Calgary, AB T3H 3B6


  T: +1 (403) 457-4225
  F: +1 (403) 452-4627

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