1.  Security Management

         1.1.   Security Program Assessment

         1.2.   Security Program Development and Implementation (master plans, frameworks)

         1.3.   Security Policies and Procedures Development and Implementation

         1.4.   Conceptual Design and Review of Access Control, Alarm and CCTV Systems

         1.5.   Facility Security Design Review

 2.  Threat & Risk Assessment

         2.1.   Asset Characterization

         2.2.   Threat Assessment

         2.3.   Vulnerability Assessment

         2.4.   Risk Assessment

         2.5.   Risk Mitigation

 3.  Security Awareness

         3.1.   Security Briefings (specializing in expats relocating to Latin-America)

         3.2.   Travel Advice (specializing in Latin-American destinations)

         3.3.   Advice on security-related and cultural matters within Latin American countries

         3.4.   Advice on Kidnapping Prevention and Executive Protection

 4.  International Services

         4.1.   Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessment

         4.2.   Assistance establishing contacts in Latin American countries

         4.3.   Translation of security-related documents (English-Spanish-English)




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